wind turbines

An Urgency to change to sustainable energy.

     It seems like now more than ever there is an urgency to make serious changes in our society for clean energy. I would like to see the prices of these new technologies to be sufficient enough for the low income families and middle class families in the united states. Its always a response like, "I just cant afford to make the switch." or " I am not aloud to because of city restrictions from power companies." This has been one of the main issues. These power companies who hold a monopoly on our Infrastructure design strategies to sabotage anything to move our country into the direction of alternative energy sources like wind, solar, and non "hokey" magnetic toroidal field devices. You can do your own research and see who votes, lobbies, and funds against the forward movement of alternative energy. You can follow the money trail yourself and see who gets big money from oil companies to deny global warming and keep the oil train moving. Doing this will expose the people behind this madness and empower you to do something about it. We have already reached the point of near no return. The damage we have done is so significant that we have to take measures immediately. Not in a few years after more and more pointless "analyses" have been made to slow the process of switching our infrastructure from fossil fuels to sustainable clean energy, but now.

     I watched the Leonardo DiCaprio Documentary "Before the flood" last night. It was done by National Geographic so the quality is fantastic. It goes deep into the cultural mechanisms built into each hemisphere's energy consumption in reference to major populated areas and how global warming is affecting their way of life. You'd be surprised, or not, to hear that the leaders of the so called free world "America" are behind on the sustainable energy initiative by a significant amount. Countries like Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and Denmark are on average running entire cities off of 60% or more sustainable energy. Denmark is able to produce 100% Of its power from wind and solar. As of 2015, The united states power consumption is as so, Coal = 33% Natural gas = 33% Nuclear = 20% Hydropower = 6% Other renewables = 7% Biomass = 1.6% Geothermal = 0.4% Solar = 0.6% Wind = 4.7%. Sixty seven percent of that energy was from fossil fuels.

     When you start to look at the decisions made by our politicians and the damage it is causing, you start to quickly become an activist. This is, to our immediate knowledge, the only planet of its kind that is able to survive with our type of organism's and life. Its so unique and fantastically cohesive. We have become out of synch with that cohesiveness. You could call it mother earth, the spirit of the planet, aiwa. We are apart of this special ever changing evolution of our planet and universe. So we must protect and take care of our home or we will kill the planet and our selves in the process.